Meanwood Valley 3 Trigs Challenge

Current leaderboard (@ 28.8.19)

25.6.19. Jon Pownall. 1.03.27

28.6.19. Dave Middlemas. 1.03.53

25.8.19 Adam Nodwell. 1.04.07 (view a clip of Adam’s previous attempt here)

25.3.19. Richard Jones. 1.27.36

30.11.18. Jonathan Coney. 1.28.02

2.12.19. Matt Armstrong. 1.40.05

23.6.19. Tim/Ian/Dinesh. 1.41.26

9.1.19. Jon Pownall/Jenny Hall. 1.57.21


You have to love a trig point. When out on the hills, they usually mean the end of the climbing, an excuse for a break and the best view. They also tell you definitively where you are – a reassuring navigational presence. Originally functional concrete pillars, they have become icons of the pre-digital age of cartography, and symbolic of the wild places…

But trig points are everywhere, including in the city. And whilst urban trigs may not be quite as glamorous as some of their rural cousins, it’s nice to be reminded of the hills when going about your day-to-day business in town. So, I’ve devised a roughly 9-mile off-road running challenge for us North Leeds-types that links (in a rough triangle, appropriately enough) the 3 trig points spanning the Meanwood Valley – at Scotthall, Tunnel How Hill and Stairfoot Lane. Thus, the Meanwood Valley 3 Trigs Challenge. Why not give it a crack sometime?3-trig-map.jpgI’ll try and keep “rules” as such to a minimum:

  • Start at any of the 3 trigs, visit the other two in any order and return to your start point.
  • Choose your own route, but as far as possible it should be off-road, apart from obvious road crossings and the bit of Stairfoot Lane to the trig and back. Thus, if starting at Scotthall, I imagine you will broadly go via Sugarwell Hill, Woodhouse Ridge and the Meanwood Valley Trail, but the detail is up to you (and part of the fun). If you really want to run straight up Scotthall Road and King Lane I can’t stop you, but the spirit of this challenge is soft ground, avoiding traffic and knowledge of the ins and outs of the Meanwood Valley.
  • If you don’t know the precise location of the Tunnel How Hill and Stairfoot Lane trigs, recce them in advance! Their location is not immediately obvious…
  • …Compare with the Scotthall trig, one of the most “visited” in the country. For safety’s sake, don’t cross Scotthall Road to visit the trig itself – the metal pedestrian gate onto the playing field opposite is sufficient.
  • Take care at the numerous other road crossings. I take no responsibility should you get killed or injured when undertaking this challenge….

OK, to get the ball rolling, I’ve set a benchmark today and recorded it on Strava, although thanks to some wobbly satellites I’ve created a slightly more accurate representation of the route I chose here. If not using Strava, let me know how you get on using the Comments box below or social media – I will keep a list of attempts (see the current “leaderboard” above). Have fun, and any feedback on this idea, route selection etc is much appreciated. If sharing, please use the hashtag #MV3TC

PS – If starting at Scotthall, for £3 you can change/shower at the Sports Centre 200 yards up the road. A range of post-run refreshment options are available in Chapel Allerton, 15 mins walk away from here.

scotthallstravaScreen Shot 2018-11-28 at 17.57.00

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